Parish Council

2nd May 2017

To: The members of Shirley parish council

You are summoned to the annual general meeting of Shirley parish council, followed by an ordinary meeting, to be held in St Michael’s Church on 8th May 2017 at 7.30 pm.

Annual General Meeting Agenda

17/18 Apologies for absence
17/19 Report from the Chair for the year ended 31st March 2017
17/20 Election of Officers

Ordinary Meeting Agenda

17/21 Apologies for absence
17/22 Public Participation
17/23 Declarations of Members’ Interests
17/24 Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
17/25 Clerk’s Report
17/26 Receive the Internal Audit Report and agree actions.
17/27 Chairman to sign the Annual Return ready for submission.
17/28 Authorisation of payments:
Clerk's expenses (FY2016).£26.30
Information Commissioner's Office.£35.00
Internal audit fees.£125.00
To reserves.£658.00
17/29 Alvin Baker to report on the burial ground walls.
17/30 Disposition of the £2,000 gift.
17/31 Planning application for the erection of five bungalows on land off Mill Lane (17/00260/FUL)
17/32 Date of next meeting

N.B. Hard-copy of documents available on the website, including this agenda will not be provided at the meeting. Please bring your own.

William Ellis
Clerk to the Council

c: Cllr S Bull, Cllr A Shirley.