Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting Held at St Michael’s Church, Shirley
13th March 2017

Councillors: Alvin Baker, Ian Crabtree (chair), Tony Taylor, Hugh Tyler (vice chair) and Sue Walker.
Clerk: William Ellis
Parishioners: 7

17/1 Apologies for Absence
County Cllr Steve Bull.
17/2 Public Participation
A parishioner raised concerns about the potential increased traffic on the A52 caused by new residential developments in Ashbourne. The A52 has a poor accident record, some fatal, and the members agreed that the clerk should raise the safety concerns with DCC.
17/3 Declarations of Members’ Interests
17/4 Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting held 12th December, 2016 were approved.
17/5 Clerk’s report.
The clerk reported:
  1. The clerk confirmed a letter had been sent regarding Japanese Knotweed.
  2. Sue Walker has provided a staff handbook.
  3. County Cllr. Steve Bull has reported the drains outside Keston on Back Lane as promised at the last meeting.
  4. Item 16/60.e authorised the clerk to submit a bid for government funding toward buying IT kit. The bid for £471 was successful and the clerk would like authority to proceed with acquisition of a laptop, scanner/B&W printer and MS Office.
    Authorised and approved.
  5. During public participation at the last meeting, a parishioner asked about the steps on the footpath near the Park Lane / Church Lane junction. Alvin Baker has contacted DCC who have inspected the steps and removed the rotten timber. There is no money left for remedial work in this financial year. It will be monitored and reviewed next FY.
  6. £945 has been paid into the general account by DDDC in respect of burial ground maintenance.
  7. The drain outside Thirwell Farm is blocked and has been reported. Tony Taylor reported drains 38, 36 and 21 as being blocked.
  8. The Section 137 amount for 2017/18 has been set at £7.57.
  9. All bank transactions are reconciled.
  10. Potholes on Derby Lane have been reported. Mill Lane, Park Lane and Hall lane to be done, gout permitting.
17/6 Vending shop
There were wide ranging discussions about the "shop" and the survey results circulated to the members. As the Saracen's Head are looking at the possibility of creating a retail outlet, it was decided to defer the matter until their plans are known.
17/7 Payments
DALC subscription: £97.62.
Electricity to the telephone box: as invoiced.
Approved. The clerk will look at finding a cheaper tariff for the telephone box.
17/8 Mowing
The mowing regime is due for review. There have been a small number of complaints regarding access to graves in areas not mown. It was agreed the right approach is being taken but needs adjustment. Ian Crabtree and and Tony Taylor will discuss this with the contractor.
17/9 Burial ground walls
Alvin Baker does not expect to get a start date till 14th March. The assumption is that this will be done for free with the generosity of a parishioner covering any cost of materials. Matter deferred until Alvin contacts the members.
17/10 Allocation of £2,000 gift to the council
The original suggested allocation was £500 for SS&SA, the same for a gritter, and the rest toward repairing the burial ground walls. The gritter was dropped because of potential operating problems. After some discussion, the matter was deferred until the cost, if any, of repairing the burial ground walls is known.
17/11 Additional grit bins
The grit bin at the Hall Lane, Painter's Lane junction is damaged beyond repair. The clerk will report it with a view to getting a free replacement. Hugh Tyler offered a coal bunker that could be used as a grit bin. Ian Crabtree now has about two tonnes of grit stockpiled and suggested distributing a bag to each household next winter and the idea was well received. it was agreed that the former coal bunker be placed at the lower end of Back Lane but subject to review.
17/12 Acquisition of a voice recorder
The clerk requested £60 for a voice recorder to assist production of accurate minutes.
17/13 Visit by Derbyshire's Police Commissioner
The offer by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire, Hardyal Dhindsa, to visit the parish was welcomed but, because of the size of the parish, was not considered the best use of his time. The clerk will write to his office suggesting that Shirley be included in his Brailsford visit.
17/14 Internal Audit
The clerk requested up to £200 for a one-off professional audit to enable the clerk to learn the process and pass it on to a volunteer for the future. While the principle was agreed, insurance reared its head again and the clerk needs to investigate further.
17/15 Clarification of Standing Order relating to Councillors holding Church Office
Standing Orders, adopted in November 2105, section 3 (meetings generally) state:
A councillor or a non-councillor with voting rights who has a disclosable pecuniary interest or another interest as set out in the council’s code of conduct in a matter being considered at a meeting is subject to statutory limitations or restrictions under the code on his right to participate and vote on that matter.
It was agreed that this did not exclude holders of church office from speaking and voting on matters involving the PCC.
17/16 2017 Shirley Litter Pick
Is scheduled for the 8th of April. Hugh has organised litter picking sticks and Sue hi-viz vests. Flyers will go out next week.
17/17 Next Meeting
The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting to held in St Michael’s Church, Shirley at 7.30pm, 8th May 2017 and will be followed by an ordinary meeting of the council.