Parish Council

30th August 2016

To: The members of Shirley parish council

You are summoned to a meeting of Shirley parish council to be held in St Michael’s Church on 5th September 2016 at 7.30 pm.


16/41 Apologies for absence
16/42 Public Participation
16/43 Declarations of Members’ Interests
16/44 Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
16/45 Clerk’s Report
16/46 Addition of defibrillator maintenance and burial ground repairs to reserves
16/47 Vote of thanks to A J Heath for £2,000 gift
16/48 Disbursement of gift
  1. £1,000 toward the repair of the Burial ground retaining wall
  2. Up to £500 on a salt spreader to assist with keeping the roads open in the winter
  3. Balance to SS&SA toward replacement maintenance equipment
16/49 Payment authorisation – website hosting: £299.94 due 31st October
16/50 Repairs to burial ground walls
16/51 State of roads and drains
16/52 Date of next meeting

N.B. Hard-copy of documents available on the website, including this agenda will not be provided at the meeting. Please bring your own.

William Ellis
Clerk to the Council

c: Cllr S Bull, Cllr A Shirley.