Parish Council

The Annual General Meeting of Shirley Parish Council was held in the Community Space of St Michael’s Church, Shirley on Monday 9th May 2016 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors A Taylor, A Baker, I Crabtree, S Walker & H Tyler

  1. Apologies for Absence: W Ellis – Parish Clerk
  2. Confirmation of Minutes: The Chairman, Cllr A Taylor, proposed that the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 8 June 2015 be confirmed. The proposal was passed unanimously.
  3. Chairman’s report: The chairman reported that the following activities and projects had been successfully completed:—
    1. Dog fouling leaflet had been produced and delivered to all parishioners
    2. Snow Warden Scheme had been published on Parish website and that Mr Derek Puplett had been appointed as Snow Warden
    3. Defibrillator had been sourced, Funds raised and unit purchased thanks to the work of Mr John Minton
    4. A Village clean-up day had taken place under the banner ‘Clean for the Queen’
    5. Shirley Sports & Social Association was once again an active club and had held a successful Games Evening in the Community Space
    6. Council Standing orders had been written and posted on our website
    7. Council now complies with ‘Transparency code for smaller authorities’
    8. Council now complies with ‘Freedom of Information Act’ by publishing a Model Publication Scheme on our website
    9. Council now complies with the law by publishing Financial Regulations (based on National Association of Local Councils model) on our website
    10. Shirley website updated

    The chairman thanked the parish Clerk, in absentia, for the work he had done on items f through j above and all members of the Council for their support during the period.

  4. Election of Officers:

    The Chairman announced he was stepping down as Chairman and asked for nominations for Chairman and Vice Chairman.

    A Baker proposed and S Walker seconded I Crabtree for Chairman
    H Tyler proposed and I Crabtree seconded A Baker as Vice Chairman

    Acceptance of Office forms were signed by the new Chair & Vice Chair

    The new Chairman, Cllr Ian Crabtree thanked the outgoing Chairman, Tony Taylor, for his hard work and commitment over the past 12 months. This sentiment was endorsed by everyone attending with a round of applause.