Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting Held at St Michael’s Church, Shirley
11th January 2016

Councillors: A Baker, I Crabtree, A Taylor, H Tyler, S Walker
Clerk: W Ellis
Parishioners:   8
  PCSO Jo Dales
Apologies for Absence
Cllrs S Bull and A Shirley
Public Participation (10 minutes)
  1. PCSO Jo Dales introduced herself and briefly described her role to the meeting. Jo explained that, in conjunction with Tony Grace, they will relaunch the neighbourhood watch with a public meeting in February.
  2. The snow warden asked the council what was expected of him in this role. The discussion covered various options and current stocks of grit which are adequate.
  3. The issue of the kerbs on the bend on Derby Lane was raised again. It was agreed that the clerk would write to the highways department to get their view. Given that the county council is facing cuts totalling £157m by 2018, the clerk was not optimistic about the outcome. Also it was suggested that the person who raised this write to the county council to give the case more weight.
  4. Although the Public Participation item had overrun by 13 minutes, the chairman raised the issue of potholes. The clerk agreed to report the pothole mentioned to the county council.
  5. A parishioner asked if the council knew the status super-fast broadband. After some discussion, the answer was no.
  6. Overgrowth of vegetation on Mill Lane was mentioned.

The item closed after 30 minutes.

Declarations of Members’ Interests
Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting held 9th November 2015 were approved.
Clerk’s report.
  1. The clerk reminded the members that item 15/25 "to create and publish a planning policy document to ensure the council handles planning matters consistently and with regard to the wishes of Shirley people as a whole." is still outstanding.
  2. The clerk has been chasing the drains reported to the council in August and had recently been given the name of someone in the district council (who are sub-contracted to do the work). The clerk will chase the district council.
  3. By law the council must publish its financial regulations. Based on the NALC model, the clerk will publish a draft on the website.
  4. As an employer, the council must register with the Pensions Regulator which the clerk will arrange.
  5. Training for the defibrillator will take place this Wednesday in the community space and will be run by East Midlands Ambulance Service.
Confirm the clerk as the Responsible Financial Officer
William Ellis of Lythmore, Derby Lane, Shirley was confirmed as the Responsible Financial Officer for the council as well as his role as clerk.
Proposal to build reserves and contingency for future expenditure
The clerk explained that the council is allowed to build reserves to meet known future expenditure. The two items he had identified were election expenses and maintaining the telephone box. Also, the council is allowed hold contingency funds for unexpected expenditure.

The council has two bank accounts: the burial fund and the general fund. Most day-to-day transactions use the general fund including routine burial ground maintenance. The clerk recommended that the burial fund now be used for reserves and contingency. All day-to-day transactions would use the general fund.

The clerk recommended that £120 a year should be set aside for election expenses and £200 by 2018 be set aside for the telephone box. Of the £661 in the burial fund, the clerk recommended £500 should be set aside for contingency and the remainder go toward the telephone box.

The meeting approved the proposal.

Allocation of grant to the sports field
On a majority vote, it was agreed to grant the sports field £250.
Allocation of grant to the PCC for use and upkeep of the community space
On a majority vote, it was agreed to grant the Parochial Church Council £2,500. It was also agreed that the council would meet with the community space management committee to discuss the future.
Set a precept for financial year 2016

Anticipated income and expenditure is shown below:

DDDC burial ground subvention £960
Total £960
Clerk's salary £698
Clerk's expenses £65
Insurance £212
Audit fee £120
Electricity to telephone box £22
Reclaimable burial ground maintenance (grass mowing) £960
Non-reclaimable burial ground maintenance (extra grass mowing) £120
Website hosting £310
DALC subscription £96
Gravestone repair £60
Reserves £120
Grants £2,750
Total £5,533

A precept of £4,573 is required for financial year 2016 which was approved.

Approval of £120 for repair of a grave
A request from the PCC has been received for a contribution toward the £120 cost of repairing a grave. The meeting approved £60.
Decision as to opting out of the new audit regime
It was agreed that the clerk would look at alternatives.
Discuss involvement in Clean For The Queen campaign run by Country Life magazine
The idea was well received and the members agreed to set-up a working group.
Date of next meeting
The next meeting will be held in St Michael’s Church, Shirley at 7.30pm, 14th March 2016.