Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting Held at St Michael’s Church, Shirley
9th November 2015

Councillors: A Baker, I Crabtree, A Taylor, H Tyler, S Walker
Clerk: W Ellis
Parishioners:   9
Apologies for Absence
County Cllr S Bull.
Public Participation
There was a discussion about conflicting messages coming from the council about a recent planning application. The chairman apologised for any confusion caused. Item 15/25 will ensure the council presents a consistent view about planning matters.

A parishioner has raised concerns about the curbs on oak tree bend (Derby Lane). Also, the state of the vegetation was raised. The council felt there was little they could about the curbs but would contact the Highways Dept about controlling the vegetation.

Declarations of Members’ Interests
Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting held 7th September 2015 were approved.
Clerk’s report.
  1. Correspondence received and circulated to councillors:
    1. DALC – various briefing papers.
    2. Letter from DDDC re “15/00514/OUT – Residential development of up to 8 dwellings (Outline). Back Lane, Shirley” recommending refusal.
    3. Email from Cllr Steve Bull re signs on Back Lane.
    4. Request from Shirley Sports and Social Club for a grant of £250 to offset running costs.
    5. Email from a parishioner thanking the council for their support for the continuation of the local county council school transport provision.
    6. A request from the PCC for continued funding of the community space. The council were also invited to send a representative to community space management meetings. The council declined a formal seat on the committee but would attend as observers.
    7. A note of apology from parishioners on Derby Lane for the overly loud bonfire party.
    8. DDDC has a new Local Projects Fund which allocates £1,000 per year to each district councillor to enable them to support projects or initiatives in their ward that will benefit the local community.
  2. Website:
    1. There is a new version of the website which should render correctly on hand-held devices.
    2. The site now complies with the Transparency code for smaller authorities.
    3. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires the parish council to publish a Model Publication Scheme which is now on the website.
  3. Cllr Baker has registered the council with HMRC as an employer and Cllr. Walker is reviewing the model contract for clerks.
Authorise payments from the general fund
Audit fees£120.00
Burial ground maintenance (retrospective)£240.00
Community space grant (payable 31st December)£1000.00
Set a precept for financial year 2016
Further information about the grants is required before the precept can be set. Deferred till the January meeting.
Request for contribution toward burial ground maintenance
The council has received a request to make a contribution toward the £120 cost of repairing a grave in the burial ground. A discussion demonstrated that clarification is required as to the council's responsibilities regarding the burial ground before any decision can be taken.
Resolution to adopt Standing Orders
The resolution was passed.
Briefing by Tony Grace about Neighbourhood Watch
  • Tony updated the meeting about the two robberies that have happened recently.
  • Cyber-crime is a hot topic at the moment.
  • A dozen booklets "Stay Safe" by Neighbourhood Watch were given to the meeting. These will be put in the telephone box.
  • The contents of the booklet are available on the Internet. The clerk will put a link to it on the PC website.
  • Shirley is a recognised Neighbourhood Watch area with probably four or five members.
  • There was some discussion as to the activity of Neighbourhood Watch in the village. It was suggested that a meeting be held to revitalise it. Tony will lead the meeting but felt it was the council's responsibility to organise it.
Resolution to create and publish a planning policy document to ensure the council handles planning matters consistently and with regard to the wishes of Shirley people as a whole.
The resolution was passed.
Briefing about defibrillators and grocery vending machines (see item 15/3 in the latest minutes).
John Minton explained that there's a million pound budget to get defibrillators in small hamlets and villages and there is a good chance we could get one for free with associated training. This was very well received by the council. Siting was seen to be a potential problem. John would like support from the council to move it forward and Tony volunteered.

It was agreed to defer any action on grocery vending machines.

Dog fouling (see item 15/3 in the latest minutes)
The flyer is finished and needs distributing.
Planning application 15/00765/FUL - Erection of front porch. Sunny Hurst, Back Lane.
Date of next meeting
The next meeting will be held in St Michael’s Church, Shirley at 7.30pm, 11th January 2016.