Parish Council

3rd November 2015

To: The members of Shirley parish council

You are summoned to a meeting of Shirley parish council to be held in St Michael’s Church on 9th November 2015 at 7.30 pm.


15/15 Apologies for absence
15/16 Public Participation
15/17 Declarations of Members’ Interests
15/18 Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
15/19 Clerk’s Report
  1. Correspondence
  2. Website
  3. Clerk's employment
15/20 Authorise payments from the general fund:
Grant for community space (payable 31st December)£1000.00
Audit fee£120.00
Burial ground maintenance (retrospective)£240.00
15/21 Set a precept for financial year 2016 and adopt changes to financial operations. See my note 29th Oct.
15/22 Request for contribution toward burial ground maintenance
15/23 Resolution to adopt Standing Orders
15/24 Briefing by Tony Grace about Neighbourhood Watch
15/25 Resolution to create and publish a planning policy document to ensure the council handles planning matters consistently and with regard to the wishes of Shirley people as a whole.
15/26 Briefing about defibrillators and grocery vending machines (see item 15/3 in the latest minutes).
15/27 Dog fouling (see item 15/3 in the latest minutes).
15/28 Planning application 15/00765/FUL - Erection of front porch. Sunny Hurst, Back Lane,.
15/29 Date of next meeting

N.B. Hard-copy of documents available on the website, including this agenda will not be provided at the meeting. Please bring your own.

William Ellis
Clerk to the Council

c: Cllr S Bull, Cllr A Shirley, Tony Grace.