Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting Held at St Michael’s Church, Shirley
7th September 2015

15/1 Attendees
Councillors: A Baker, I Crabtree, A Taylor, H Tyler, S Walker
District councillor: A Shirley
County councillor:   S Bull
Clerk: W Ellis
Parishioners: 33
15/2 Apologies for Absence
15/3 Public Participation
Fifteen minutes were allowed for public participation.
  1. The recurring problem of dog fouling was discussed. It was agreed to produce a leaflet and deliver it to each household in the village.
  2. Problems with refuse collection leaving rubbish in the roads were reported by a parishioner. This has included liquids and broken glass. Cllr Bull offered to follow this up.
  3. A parishioner suggested that, given the demographics of the village, having defibrillator available would be a good idea. Also, a grocery vending machine similar to the one at Clifton. The members agreed and the parishioner concerned will investigate further and report to the next meeting.
  4. An increased number of lorries using the village was reported. This may have been due to recent re-surfacing work and an accident closing the A52.
15/4 Declarations of Members’ Interests
15/5 Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting held 8th June 2015 were approved.
15/6 Election of Vice-chair
Hugh Tyler was elected as vice chair.
15/7 Allocation of Councillor’s Responsibilities
The following allocation of responsibilities was agreed:
Burial groundA Taylor
Dog foulingS Walker
Rubbish, waste and recyclingA Baker
Trees, hedgerows and footpathsH Tyler
Transport, roads, drains and vegetationI Crabtree
15/8 Planning application 15/00514/OUT residential development of up to 8 dwellings (outline). Back Lane.
There were wide-ranging discussions involving all attendees and an informal poll of all present showed the meeting to be overwhelmingly against the application.

The members voted unanimously to object to the application.

Cllr. Baker suggested the council respond to the planning department with the following text:

Shirley Parish Council unanimously opposes this development . Shirley is classed by the DDDC as “countryside” . DDDC’s policy on development in the countryside is clear and unequivocal i.e “…development will be strictly limited to that which has an essential need to be located in the countryside…” In this case, there is no such essential need. The granting of this application will set a dangerous precedent not only for Shirley but all the small settlements throughout the Derbyshire Dales. The essential character and balance of the settlement hierarchy within this rural area risks being considerably compromised and undermined.

From the point of view of sustainability and infrastructure, Shirley is a very small settlement where nearly all services and facilities must be accessed in higher order settlements. The sewage and electricity supply systems are already put under strain by current levels of usage.

The Parish Council believes that there is strong public opposition to this proposal. This was confirmed at the Parish Council Meeting held on 7th September. A high turnout of local residents voted overwhelmingly that this proposal should be opposed and rejected.

On a point of important detail, the Planning , Design and Access Statement produced by the applicants makes, inter alia, the following misleading and incorrect statement:-

The application site is surrounded by residential development on three sides.

This is not correct. There is residential development on two sides, the other two sides being open countryside. This cannot be considered “infill”.

The members agreed.
15/9 Snow Warden Scheme
The council has responsibility for gritting from Mill Farm to the A52 via Derby Lane. Current stocks at Mill Farm and Shirley Hall Farm were considered sufficient for this winter. Derek Puplett was confirmed as snow warden.
15/10 Agree time-scales for the adoption of standing orders and financial regulations
The members agreed to have standing orders ready for adoption at the November meeting. The financial regulations will be ready for adoption at the January meeting.
15/11 Clerk's role and terms of employment
The clerk has to be an employee of the council who are responsible for the clerk's PAYE and NI contributions. The clerk considered the model job description available from DALC would be OK. The clerk will send a copy to the members for their perusal. Being a one-size-fits-all-councils, the model contract of employment is not so straightforward. The clerk will produce a contract more in keeping with the needs of the council.
15/12 Clerk’s report.
The clerk reported that:
  1. During recent heavy rain six blocked drains (3, 4, 15, 16, 35 and 38) were identified and reported to DCC.
  2. On behalf of the PC, the Clerk has written to DCC supporting the provision of a taxi for school transport.
  3. A letter has been received from a parishioner who is exploring the possibility of developing a 0.91 hectare plot of land for possibly six properties at Back Lane Farm.
  4. The following payments were approved:
    1. Burial ground maintenance – £480.
    2. Election costs – £561.11.
    3. Web site hosting – £310.00.
    4. Grant for community area – £2,000.00 for June and September.
15/13 Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held in St Michael’s Church, Shirley at 7.30pm, 9th November 2015.