Parish Council

1st September 2015

To: The members of Shirley parish council

You are summoned to a meeting of Shirley parish council to be held in St Michael’s Church on 7th September 2015 at 7.30 pm.


15/2 Apologies for absence
15/3 Public Participation
15/4 Declarations of Members’ Interests
15/5 Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
15/6 Election of Vice-chair
15/7 Allocation of Councillor's Responsibilities
15/8 Planning application 15/00514/OUT residential development of up to 8 dwellings (outline). Back Lane.
15/9 Snow Warden Scheme
15/10 Agree time-scales for the adoption of standing orders and financial regulations
15/11 Clerk's role and terms of employment
15/12 Clerk’s Report
15/13 Date of next meeting

N.B. Hard-copy of documents available on the website, including this agenda will not be provided at the meeting. Please bring your own.

William Ellis
Clerk to the Council

c: Cllr S Bull, Cllr A Shirley.