Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting Held at St Michael’s Church, Shirley
14th March 2016

Councillors: A Baker, I Crabtree, A Taylor, H Tyler, S Walker
Clerk: W Ellis
Parishioners:   4
16/15 Apologies for Absence
County Cllr S Bull, District Cllr A Shirley
16/16 Public Participation
  1. There was a discussion about the current status of Neighbourhood Watch. It was agreed that the clerk would write to the local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator and ask him to arrange the public kick-off meeting by the end of April.
  2. Tony Taylor thanked Derek Puplett for an enjoyable games night organised by Shirley Sports & Social Association.
16/17 Declarations of Members’ Interests
16/18 Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting held 11th January 2016 were approved. It was agreed that, in future, the outcome of a vote will be recorded in the minutes. Cllr. Crabtree wanted the fact he had voted against items 16/8 and 16/9 – the approval of grants – be on the record.
16/19 Clerk’s report.
  1. In his email apologising for non-attendance, Cllr Shirley said:
    "The first is an increase in the Council Tax of 1.9%. This follows a freeze over the preceding 5 years despite severe government cut backs during that time. The removal of the government grant that enabled us to maintain a standstill made the ongoing situation impossible, so an increase in DDDC part of the Council Tax was the only way forward. Of course Derbyshire County Council and the Police and Fire also contribute to the Council Take as well.
    The second and larger issue for many is the Local Plan. At the Special Council Meeting this Wednesday there will be the final paper which approves the consultation on the local plan. This is an important document which seeks to deliver 6400 homes over the plan period to meet the Objectively Assessed needs to the District as well as sufficient employment space. This is a substantial increase on where we were 18 months ago, but as a district we have to meet that obligation. DDDC has been asking of development sites over the last 3 years or so and this consultation may of course yield more sites. Following the consultation the plan will go forward for examination.
    One of the key elements is the delivery of an additional 1100 houses on Ashbourne Airfield over what has already been earmarked. This is a substantial increase, and will be accommodated behind the existing development (ie towards Bradley Wood which would need to be appropriately)
    In addition there will be substantial development around Matlock, and in Doveridge, Brailsford, and Tansely. In smaller villages development will only be permitted where it can be accommodated within the built confines of the villages. There are also be policies for employment, farm diversification, replacement dwellings and extensions as well as the usual landscape, conservation and sustainability policies.
    The full agenda for this meeting can be found below, and those wishing to speak will have to register within the usual timescales."
  2. Although the drains have been cleaned the meeting reported that the ones next to Horseshoe Cottage, Ittingston Farm and Thurston are still blocked and will be reported.
  3. As required, the council has started the registration process with the Pensions Regulator. Nothing has been heard from them yet and the clerk will expedite.
  4. The clerk confirmed that a letter has been sent to DCC regarding raised kerbs on Derby Lane. As they have yet to acknowledge the letter the Clerk will contact them.
  5. A pothole at the junction of Church and Park Lanes has been reported and fixed.
  6. There is now a page on the website explaining the Snow Warden scheme.
  7. Having more information than the Clerk, Hugh Tyler spoke about the defibrillator:
    1. John Minton has raised a total of £950:
      1. £600 from the coffee shop.
      2. £250 from Brailsford Social Group who do the pantomime.
      3. £100 pledged by the Minton family.
      Which is £50 off the total required and a fantastic effort.
    2. There will be other expenses such as a box to house it.
    3. Via email, John Minton advised that the following need addressing:
      1. Will the Shirley Parish Council take on the responsibility to maintain the Defibrillator when purchased? Yes, the PC will take-on responsibility.
      2. Decide on the most suitable place in the village to position the secure container. Will planning permission be needed and or permission from the owner of any property it is attached to? The telephone box was considered to be the best place. The council will consult with the Planning Dept. about planning permission.
      3. Agree if the container is to be heated or not, if not, no power is needed. The container will not be heated.
      4. Agree a date to invite the East Midland Ambulance Service personnel to discuss the type of defibrillator best suited for the village residents. Deferred.
      5. Place an order once full funding is achieved. Deferred.
      6. Install container and advise East Midlands Ambulance Service so that they can key code the container. Deferred.
      7. Inform all residents. Deferred.
      8. Advise residents of a two hour course to teach individuals how to deliver effective first aid, information below on the next course in Ashbourne. Deferred.
  8. There was an inconclusive discussion about potholes the state of the lanes.
16/20 Authorise payment of £1,000.00 to the Parochial Church Council
This is last last payment for this financial year and is due 31st March. Unanimously approved.
16/21 Authorise payment of £96.18 to the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils
This is the annual subscription. Unanimously approved.
16/22 Review of burial fees
  1. Via the chairman, the RFO has been asked to refund plot reservation fees paid by a parishioner who has permanently moved away from the village. The members have been consulted and have no objections.
  2. There was some discussion how our fees are set against other councils and how they should be aligned.
  3. As the council is wholly responsible for maintaining the burial ground it was agreed that reserves should be built-up for future maintenance expenditure.
  4. Reserves must be for specific purposes. So a working group will be created to identify work needed now and in the foreseeable future. Once identified, the council will agree the next steps.
16/23 Adoption of financial regulations
By law the council must adopt financial regulations. The clerk has created a set based on the NALC model which are on the website. It was unanimously agreed to adopt them.
16/24 New audit regime
The understanding is that, under the new regime there will be no need for an external audit but an internal audit will still be required. By doing nothing we will automatically be enrolled.
16/25 Clean for the Queen
Hugh reported on the recent clean for the Queen event. There were:
  1. 21 cleaners and four dogs.
  2. One coordinator.
  3. Four tea and coffee helpers.
  4. 8 apologies and 5 sick/on holiday.
72 cow wipes were picked-up. The council will write to the farmer responsible.

Sadly, within a couple a couple of days new litter was noticed in the village. One parishioner presented the clerk with eight items picked that day.

15 bags of rubbish were collected as well as a car bumper, a car seat and a car tyre.

The meeting was keen to hold another event, probably after the school summer holidays.

16/26 Next Meeting
The next meeting is the AGM and will be held in St Michael’s Church, Shirley at 7.00pm, 9th May 2016. It will be immediately followed by the ordinary meeting at 7.30pm.