Meeting of Shirley Neighbourhood Watch 16th May 2016

Attendees: Tony Grace, Debbie Leeney, Anne Bulger.


Following the changes to the structure of the Neighbourhood Watch (NW) Tony Grace will become Chairman and will be responsible for liaising with the various organisations at county, regional and police level. Anne Bulger and Debbie Leeney will be joint co-ordinators and will be responsible for all NW activities within the village. Tony will keep both co-ordinators advised of all developments.


9 NW Reps have volunteered to cover parts of Shirley where they live, as follows:

Derek Puplett – Derby Lane, St Michaels Close
Alvin Baker – Hall Lane, Park Lane
Steve & Lucy Dentith – Mill Lane, Back Lane West
Joe Johnson - Back Lane South inc The Crescent (on Back Lane), Sunny Bank Row
Jill Bell – Church Lane
Peter Paviour – Back Lane South (Derby Lane up to The Crescent) Hollington Lane
Robert Barke – The Crescent, (inc 3 houses known as Mill Lane)
John Fletcher – Meadowside Close
Hugh Tyler – The Wormsley

Reps will be contacted shortly with leaflets to hand to their neighbours with their contact details and contact details for each other. Once this system is set up information will flow both ways between members and co-ordinators.

Shirley Village Website

There is an existing page on the website entitled Safer Shirley which will be amended to Shirley NW and the content will be updated. We will liaise with Bill.

The Alert System

This system is designed to advise NW co-ordinators of events that happen within their Derbyshire area but is currently not working due to various political issues. Tony will continue to liaise with the various bodies but realistically, other than pressure, there is very little that can be done. The Alert system website, through which residents can join NW (if they are already signed up to Alert) does not appear to be working and we will contact the Help desk to review this issue.

This is the national NW website. This appears to be working and we will contact the Help desk to arrange for the new co-ordinators to have access to this to register new NW members. Residents will then be encouraged to join NW via the website.

Benefice NW Network

The fact that the Alert system is nor working does not mean that nothing can be done at a local level. We intend to set up a NW network between the 5 parishes within the Benefice and a meeting has been arranged with Paul Taylor to expedite this.


NW information will be available on the village website. We are designing laminated business cards for residents which will have NW information on one side and information about the village defibrillator on the reverse. When we have a time frame for these we will let people know. Tony will try and access publicity materials from the PC and PCSO based in Ashbourne.

Ashbourne & District Annual Governance meeting 9th June

A meeting between Police, Safer neighbourhood teams and partner agencies. Tony will attend and report back to the co-ordinators.

Next Meeting

During the village meeting on Monday 9th May it was requested that the NW committee give an update on their progress within a month. Therefore, the next meeting of Shirley NW will be on Tuesday 7th June at 7.30pm.

All residents are welcome and will have the opportunity to learn more about the restructuring of the NW and ask questions of the new team.