Financial Summary

The financial year runs from 1st April till 31st March. The council maintains two bank accounts: the General account for all day-to-day expenditure and Reserves for foreseeable expenditure beyond the current financial year.

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General Account FY2014

DateRef.DescriptionPayments ReceiptsBalance
01/04/14 Balance brought forward£511.19£511.19
03/04/14 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£391.19
09/04/14 Electricity to telephone kiosk£20.48£370.71
15/04/14 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£250.71
17/04/14 Neighbourhood plan grant£2,232.00£2,482.71
28/04/14 Precept£6,900.00£9,382.71
01/05/14 Community area rent£1,000.00£8,382.71
09/05/14 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£8,262.71
19/05/14 Insurance£211.65£8,051.06
21/05/14 Expenses re Neighbourhood Plan£74.95£7,976.11
02/06/14 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£7,856.11
27/06/14 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£7,736.11
01/07/14 Community area rent£1,000.00£6,736.11
08/08/14 Clerk's time and expenses£297.22£6,438.89
12/08/14 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£6,318.89
19/08/14 Census details for Neighbourhood plan£100.00£6,218.89
19/08/14 Community Development Foundation£2,232.00£3,986.89
08/09/14 Production of neighbourhood plan questionnaire£97.80£3,889.09
09/10/14 Community area rent£1,000.00£2,889.09
14/10/14 Burial ground maintenance£210.00£2,679.09
30/10/14 Web site hosting£310.00£2,369.09
03/12/14 Pollarding sycamore in churchyard£60.00£2,309.09
22/12/14 Subvention for burial ground mowing£930.00£3,239.09
19/02/15 Grant for car parking on Park Lane£300.00£3,539.09
05/03/15 Shirley P.C.C. Contribution to Car Park£50.00£3,589.09
06/03/15 Advert on Website£20.00£3,609.09
10/03/15 Pattinson Partners£1,440.00£2,169.09
10/03/15 DALC Subscription£94.76£2,074.33
10/03/15 Clerk's time and expenses£341.33£1,733.00
10/03/15 RFO Fees£134.85£1,598.15
10/03/15 Light in telephone kiosk£170.70£1,427.45
16/03/15 Burial ground maintenance£44.00£1,383.45
23/03/15 Clerk's expenses£7.80£1,375.65
26/03/15 Subvention for burial ground mowing£44.00£1,419.65
31/03/15 Community area rent£1,000.00£419.65

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General Account FY2015

DateRef.DescriptionPayments ReceiptsBalance
15/04/15 Electricity to telephone kiosk£20.48£399.17
15/04/15 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£279.17
16/04/15 VAT refund£444.76£723.93
30/04/15 Precept£4,900.00£5,623.93
08/05/15 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£5,503.93
27/05/15 Insurance£211.65£5,292.28
27/05/15 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£5,172.28
10/06/1515/12 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£5,052.28
22/06/1515/12 Community area rent£1,000.00£4,052.28
08/07/1515/12 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£3,932.28
06/08/1515/12 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£3,812.28
01/09/1515/12 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£3,692.28
18/09/15 Transfer from burial fund£500.00£4,192.28
18/09/1515/12 Election expenses£561.11£3,631.17
30/09/1515/12 Community area grant£1,000.00£2,631.17
09/10/15 Burial Fees£110.00£2,741.17
14/10/1515/20 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£2,621.17
29/10/15 Burial ground subvention£960.00£3,581.17
29/10/1515/20 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£3,461.17
31/10/1515/12 Web site hosting£310.06£3,151.11
09/11/1515/20 Audit fees£120.00£3,031.11
31/12/1515/20 Community area rent£1,000.00£2,031.11
17/02/16 Burial Fees£25.00£2,056.11

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General Account FY2016

DateRef.DescriptionPayments ReceiptsBalance
01/04/16 Contribution toward defibrillator from Brailsford Social Group£250.00£2,306.11
08/04/16 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£2,186.11
08/04/1616/20 Community area rent£1,000.00£1,186.11
08/04/16 Electricity to telephone kiosk£30.05£1,156.06
08/04/1616/21 DALC Subscription£96.18£1,059.88
29/04/1616/10 Precept£4,573.00£5,632.88
03/05/16 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£5,512.88
19/05/16 Transfer of Brailsford Pantomine donation to SS&SA£250.00£5,262.88
23/05/16 Burial ground maintenance£120.00£5,142.88
23/05/1616/11 Gravestone repair£60.00£5,082.88
07/06/1616/32 £135.00£4,947.88
07/06/1616/34 Community area rent£2,500.00£2,447.88
07/06/1616/34 Grant to SS&SA£250.00£2,197.88
07/06/1616/34 Clerk’s expenses£50.76£2,147.12
07/06/16 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£2,082.12
09/06/1616/33 Insurance£209.55£1,872.57
21/06/16 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£1,807.57
04/07/16 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£1,742.57
19/07/16 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£1,677.57
02/08/16 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£1,612.57
17/08/16 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£1,547.57
07/09/16 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£1,482.57
21/09/16 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£1,417.57
10/10/16 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£1,352.57
12/12/1616/49 Website hosting£299.94£1,052.63
12/12/16 Burial ground maintenance£135.00£917.63
19/01/1717/5 Burial ground subvention£945.00£1,862.63
08/02/1716/60 Transparency fund grant£471.61£2,334.24
21/03/1716/61 Transfer to reserves£120.00£2,214.24

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General Account FY2017

DateRef.DescriptionPayments ReceiptsBalance
01/04/1717/7 DALC subscription£97.62£2,116.62
14/04/1716/59 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£2,051.62
14/04/1717/7 Electricity to telephone kiosk£34.55£2,017.07
18/04/1716/59 Burial ground maintenance£65.00£1,952.07
20/04/17 VAT refund£111.12£2,063.19
28/04/17 Precept£5,701.00£7,764.19
20/05/1717/28 Clerk's expenses 2016£26.30£7,737.89
20/05/1717/28 Transfer to reseves£658.00£7,079.89
20/05/1717/28 Internal Audit Fee 2016/17 A/Cs£125.00£6,954.89
23/05/1717/28 Annual Insurance £205.51£6,749.38
23/05/1717/39 Reimbursement for PC Equipment£644.55£6,104.83
16/11/1717/68 Burial Ground mainteneance final payment£957.00£5,147.83
27/11/1717/49 Repay loan made 14 June for Rent of CS£1,000.00£4,147.83
27/11/1717/68 Rent CS Jul/Sept 17£1,000.00£3,147.83
13/12/1717/68 Rent CS Sept/Dec 17£1,000.00£2,147.83
13/12/1717/68 50% cost of laptop repair£261.00£1,886.83
15/12/17 Repay General. Charged to Heath Fund£261.00£2,147.83

General Account FY2018

DateRef.DescriptionPayments ReceiptsBalance
Last updated 6th March 2018.

Italicised transactions have not been reconciled. The Ref. column contains the minute item about the transaction. The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 requires the council to publish all items of expenditure above £100. These are highlighted in yellow.

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Below is the current state of the reserves:

Election expenses£600£480
Phone box maintenance£200£100
Defibrillator maintenance£200£435
Burial ground repair£500£4,166
Last updated 12th January 2018.

The Target column is the amount to be set aside and the Balance column contains the actual funds available to the line item. All income from the burial ground goes for burial ground repair. The defibrillator relies entirely on voluntary contributions.