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Shirley Parish Council consists of five volunteer councillors who are elected for a period of four years. It meets four times a year with an annual general meeting held each May where a chair and vice chair are elected. It employs a clerk who is also the Responsible Financial Officer.

All parishioners are welcome to the meetings which are held in the community space. If you want to raise a matter with the council, either contact a councillor or the clerk. Their details are on the previous page.

The council's activities and responsibilities are shown below:

  • Highways including transport, roads, drains and vegetation.
  • Footpaths including hedgerows and footpaths.

Annual Precept

The precept (which appears on your Council Tax bill) is set by all council members at their December meeting and covers:

* indicates a statutory requirement.

Burial Ground

The burial ground was handed to the council in 1996 and Councillor Tony Taylor is responsible for it. The council's duties include:

Planning Applications

The district council consults the parish council on planning applications received. Note that:


Highways includes the following:

Blocked drains
Drainage gullies and drains in the road are designed to take water away from the road surface and are generally cleaned by the district council or their contractors. How often drains are cleaned depends the location. Any issues or problems identified that cannot be put right by routine cleaning, will be investigated.
Standing water
Many roads have drains that take away water from the road surface. Sometimes the amount of water on the road is too much for the drains to cope with, even if the drains are clean and well maintained. It may not be possible to remove all areas of standing water. If an area of standing water remains for sometime after rainfall and causes an issue to highway users, it can be investigated.
Derbyshire County Council (DCC) are responsible for trees that grow on pavements or on verges. Trees on private land are the responsibility of the landowner. If trees are affecting roads or pavements the county council will contact the landowner and ask for work to be carried out. Where a fallen tree is completely blocking a road or is likely to cause a hazard to road users, please contact Derbyshire Police on 101.
Hedges & verges
DCC are responsible for verges at the side of roads. Most boundary hedge issues are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner. Where hedges are affecting pavements or roads DCC will contact the landowner.
Japanese Knotweed
DCC are responsible for road verges and will deal with reports of Japanese Knotweed where it is growing on their land. Treatment may involve visits over several months. Owners of private land are responsible for controlling this weed on their own land.

Councillor Ian Crabtree is responsible for highways. Any member of the public can report a problem on any of the above on-line by using the county council's Do It Now reporting tool.


Trees, hedgerows and footpaths are the responsibility of Councillor Hugh Tyler. Obstructions, broken styles or gates, damaged or missing signs and footpath safety can all be reported on-line by any member of the public by using DCC's Do It Now reporting tool.

Waste and Recycling

Councillor Alvin Baker is responsible for waste, recycling, and fly tipping. You can check on the collections schedule with the district council's When is my collection? tool. The district council will, for a price, remove items too bulky for the normal waste collection. Incidents of fly tipping on the public highway can be reported by anyone using the Do It Now reporting tool.

The Defibrillator

The defibrillator is in the phone box on Derby Lane near the junction with Church Lane. A number of parishioners have been trained to operate it and there are regularly held training sessions. The cost of consumables – pads and batteries – are met by voluntary contributions by the public. There is a collection box in the Saracen's Head.

Contact the council if you need the access code for it.

Dog Fouling

Despite the council having provided bins for dog waste around the village, it continues to be a problem. Councillor Sue Walker is the lead on this issue.

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